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Intelligent Systems Research Progress Workshop

The KES2013 Intelligent Systems Research Workshop is a one-day workshop taking place during the KES2013 conference.

Work-in-progress papers on all aspects of intelligent systems are invited from research students (doctoral and masters students) more senior researchers, members of faculty and anyone wishing to bring their work to attention of the research community. The workshop will also provide an opportunity to participate to those who were too late for submission to the main conference tracks.

Presentation and Publication

Accepted papers will be presented as posters in the dedicated workshop session. Papers will be published in a volume of 'Advances in Smart Systems Research' in the KES Open Access Library (KOALA), and online open access archive, making them widely available to the research community.

Workshop papers are not included in the main conference Elsevier Procedia proceedings.

Conditions of Submission

By submitting a paper for the conference you undertake that, if the paper is accepted, you will pay the fee, attend the conference, and present the paper.

By submitting a paper you also indicate that you accept the KES Terms and Conditions, available on the conference web site, and that you agree to abide by them

16th Annual
KES Conference
San Sebastian, Spain
10-12 September 2012